Why using social media is a must in 2022 for Dentists or Dental Practices? (Bonus: 3F Strategy)

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Don’t think for one second that your business doesn’t need social media, if you are staying away from social media then you are losing.

Hear me out, please. This post is going to shift your mind and will help you grow your business at the speed it deserves.

In this post, I am going to tell about a step by step process of using social media to bring in more clients to your clinic.

We are going to take an example for getting clients for one of the dental products known as Invisalign Aligners, we will go through each step to prepare for leveraging social media for this particular product so that you can implement the same for any product.

You need two things:

  1. A social media profile for your business
  2. A Website

Let’s Begin.

Step #1: Figure Your Dream Client

Find out who is the perfect candidate for the Invisalign product, what is the gender, what is the age, what are the concerns they have, start writing down every tiny winy detail about the perfect client.

So for Invisalign aligner, the perfect client can be male or female but in many cases, we have seen females are opting for this kind of treatment more. The age is between 18 to 30 years and they have concerns regarding their smile, they have crooked teeth or misaligned teeth and they want to fix them but they find traditional braces ugly.

Once we have these details then we can move on to the next step.

Step #2: Find out where the dream clients hang out

The reason for finding out the place where they hang out is that it will increase the efficiency of the message that we want to deliver and our business will get more exposure in relatively fewer efforts.

In the first step, we figured out details about our dream clients and found out that they are of age 18 to 30, so on what network can we find them the most, and the answer is on INSTAGRAM.

71% of users on Instagram is of age 18-30.

Our dream clients hang out the most on Instagram.

So now we know who are our dream clients and where we can find them so that we can tell them about our product.

Great! Let’s move on to the next step now.

Step #3: Finalize the schedule

Many people and businesses fail to finalize the schedule and they never begin their social media journey.

Without the schedule, some may begin but they fail to be consistent and eventually stop completely.

So, creating a schedule is a must if you want to be consistent and effective.

Here are some basic guidelines for posting frequency on Instagram.

  1. 4-6 Stories Daily
  2. 1-2 post everyday
  3. 1 reel once a week
  4. 1 IGTV once in 15 days.

If you think this is too much then please read this article that will help you in generating content without much effort. Link >>

Read this article to learn how to generate content.

So you are building your online community by posting daily online and communicating with them, adding your website’s link in your profile and then using it for showcasing more about your services and products.

That’s it. Study this and most importantly implement this.

If you want to brainstorm on anything then book an appointment, it is free, so nothing to lose.

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