7 points to get more business through google my business listing

Google my business listing can do wonders for your business if done correctly but if you are not taking care of the listing then you will soon find your business lagging.

For a local business, google my business can bring in more customers and more revenue.

I am going to share 7 points that you can go through to check if you are helping your business grow or not through the google my business listing.

1. You don’t have a listing

The first point is pretty obvious, to get benefits from google my business listing you must list your business there. Many businesses are not taking this seriously and in turn, they lose money and the worst part is that they don’t even know that they are losing many customers.

If your business caters to the people of your city and if you don’t have your business listed then we can’t stress enough how big a mistake it can be for your business.

2. You haven’t claimed it yet

Now, if you have added your business but haven’t claimed it yet then google will not see it as legit business and the google algorithm will suppress the listing from search results as well

Claiming is an important part of the whole process of getting your business listed, it will make your business legit in the eyes of google.

3. The information is not complete

Google provides you with many fields to take the information regarding your business, do not leave any field empty, take some time to fill everything with a sense of seriousness. This also shows your commitment to the growth of your business.

4. You are not working to get legit reviews

Listing, Claiming and Filling up information is just the setup steps, you need to have a plan to generate more reviews from your existing customers. Do not think of getting fake reviews, just don’t.

Google gives a lot of points to the quality of reviews your business has. Also, this is the first thing people look for when they are searching for a product or service your business offers.

So work smartly, with dedication, provide more value to your client and do ask for the review.

A satisfied client is more than happy to leave a good review for your business.

5. You are ignoring reviews by not replying

Well, it’s great that if you are getting reviews but don’t make a mistake of not replying to every review, even just a thank you will work.

This helps people who are viewing your listing understand that your business is actively communicating with all the clients. This increases the chances of people calling you rather than other businesses that are not replying to the reviews.

So reply to reviews, make connections.

6. You are not uploading photos consistently

Google business listing gives you the ability to upload photos of your office or your work in your listing. If you upload photos consistently then google will find your business listing active and with google, your future customers will also get to know more about the business which will improve their chances of contacting you.

7. You are not posting updates

Same as photos, you also get the ability to post updates, events and about your product. 

Create a Schedule to post small updates on your google my business listing. Treat your listing page as a social network profile of your business.

Talk about your business, your services and how your business can create value and solve problems.

Be consistent.


So these were the 7 points that can help you generate more business in the long run and can give your business a competitive edge. 

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