Need more business but Hate posting on social media?

The number one reason why business owners hate posting on social media is that they think too much about what others are going to say and how it will affect them. We obsess over our inner critic, agonizing over every word before we post something for everyone else in the world to see!

But do you know that social media posting is a very effective way of bringing in more clients?

Let me give you a case study of Dr. Caleb.

Dr. Caleb had been a dentist for over 10 years, and although he was good at his job, he always felt like something was missing. He decided to start posting videos of himself on various social media platforms in order to build trust with potential clients. In just a few months, his business tripled as people were drawn in by his friendly and down-to-earth demeanour.

He was also facing the same inner critic but he ignored that and kept on posting. He got over his fear of the camera and what people will think.

He improved his business and his life as well because he implemented not thinking about what people will think not in just social media but in real life as well.

There is a huge opportunity for every hardworking business owner, just keep on posting on social media and stop thinking about what people will think.

All the best.

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