The business idea for video production SMBs to earn lakhs of ₹₹₹

The core goal of every successful business is to solve the problem of their customers and in return, we must earn as much money as we can so that we can scale and solve more problems. The more problem we solve, the more value we create, and the more rewards we will enjoy.

If you run a video production company then my friend, you are in a golden era. How? well, let me explain.

The latest research shows that a maximum of internet users prefer watching videos over reading or listening. So one thing is clear that videos are the most trending thing over the internet.

But, how can a small-medium video production company leverage this?

This post is about that only, there are many ways to leverage this but we are going to talk about just one, a hidden gem, a secret that hardly any video production companies are using, especially in India.

Let’s understand the plan.

Figuring out the problem:

We are in the social media era, most people on this planet have an account on many social networks. To run any business, we need customers, and to get customers first people have to learn about the business. In previous times businesses rely on mouth publicity or paid advertisement or both, but time has changed and with that the focus span of humans as well.

Now businesses can reach new probable customers through social media as well and they can do that by paying money to the platform(ads) or through posting content. Posting content is where you as a video production company come into the picture.

Let’s take an example of a dental business whose major customers segment is people of age 13-30. Now, what this business must do to get more customers?

The first thing to get the customers in the least amount of time and effort is to find out where they hang out, and in this case, Instagram has the most people of this age segment. So this particular dental business must create a brand on Instagram and create content for the audience which can be converted into leads and then customers.

The problem here arises for the dental business is content creation, now if you remember that the goal of every business is to solve problems, the bigger the problem you solve, the higher the reward you get.

Creating Solution:

You as a business of video production should create a service to tackle this problem.

For example, you can create a package in that you can visit the clinic and record the whole day of their work, record testimonials, record informative video, and charge 25k or more for the same.

Once you have your package ready then you can create a new page on your website regarding the same and then start contacting different dental clinics with your offer. (Btw if you don’t have a website or if you are looking for a google friendly website built with the latest standards then feel free to contact us.)

Bonus tip: See, if you are creating content for Instagram then you can record small videos(reels) for your clients because right now Instagram is giving more exposure to them than other formats. The more your client grows, the more you will grow.

Let me know what do you think about this plan.

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