3 Most Important Building Blocks of Lead Generating Websites

There are many blocks but the most important three are:

  1. Website should eliminate confusion: See people decide to take action only when they have clarity, if you want them to call you or fill out a form or give you their email id, your website should deliver the message of what you do with clarity.
  2. Website should build an empathic connection with the visitor: Most website treats visitors as some product or as an assembly line but the website should show that your business truly understand their problem and want to help.
  3. Website should build confidence in the visitor: Every one wants to work with the business that they are confident that they can solve their problem.

So, Clarity, Connection & Confidence are the three most important building blocks of lead generating websites.

If the visitor has the clarity of what your business does and he or she feels that you understand them and if they are also confident that you can solve their problem then chances of them calling you or giving you their information increases by many folds.

I can go through your website and can audit it for these three most important building blocks, if you want me to audit your website then let’s schedule a call, click here >>>

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