Turn On Google Business Messaging To Get More Clients

People ask themselves a lot of questions before buying a product or selecting a service.

If a person is searching for a service provider like a dog trainer or dog boarding, he might have a lot of questions regarding the service or the product.

He is going to search for “dog boarding [city name]” and if you have a good listing then you might show up in the search result like the following image:

I searched for dog boarding pune and got these results.

If you don’t have a Google business profile then create a profile right now, here is the link to how to do that Create Google Business Profile

Most people select the provider by using the star rating as selection criteria, So, you must get good testimonials from your happy customers, and if you want to learn how to get good testimonials by asking these five questions.

Even after reading the review, some will have questions and for that, they either can call or can message you also. This is an era of chatting applications, people love to chat and are habitual of this, so give them an option to chat with your business.

Turn on the messaging in google business profile if it is not on and then start replying to queries as they come. You will increase your customer base by giving very little extra time.

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